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“ The Social Stock Exchange needed a fresh approach to meet its public launch deadline and that is why Bumblebee were called in to help ”

Social Stock Exchange

Third Sector Finance


We were brought in by the CEO of The Social Stock Exchange to breath new life and energy into a project that was well behind schedule and was faced with the tight deadline that conincided with a press launch. The process of understanding the offering and bringing clarity and a logical user experience was tricky. Several compromises needed to be made over functionality, so we suggested the launch was broken up into two phases.

Within complex projects you need to work out what your key objectives are and prioritise them. This enables a clear build strategy. Obviously, phase two elements need to be considered within the overall planning and logic, but our sites are always built in a modular framework that allows expansion and future-proofing. Stage 2 was completed a few months later which enables a series of direct market data feeds to update the site every 15 minutes.

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